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What is a Traineeship?
Traineeships are a newly introduced education and training programme designed for 16 - 23 year olds who have little or no previous work experience. A Traineeship can last from six weeks, up to a maximum of six months and it consists of course content that is adapted to suit the needs and requirements of each individual learner.

Traineeships are made up of three core parts

BP Yellow oneWork preparation training, that will ensure that Trainees are prepared and confident enough to take the first step towards their new career.

BP Green twoSupport and tutoring for both English and maths* meaning that Trainees will have the literacy and numeracy knowledge necessary to perform effectively in the work place.

BP Purple threeA high quality work placement, which will allow the Trainee to prove their worth in the workplace and will provide them with valuable work experience that is highly regarded by employers.

Is a Traineeship right for me?

Traineeships are the perfect solution for young people who are motivated to get a job but are held back by a lack of skills and experience. If you have been unsuccessful at applying for Apprenticeship vacancies because of this reason then you may be a good candidate to enrol onto a Traineeship.

You could be a suitable for a Traineeship if you are...

BP Yellowunemployed (or work less than 16 hours per week) and have little work experience.

BP Greenmotivated to work and are seeking full-time or part-time employment.

BP Purpleaged 16 - 18 inclusive and are qualified below Level 3 or are aged 19 - 23 inclusive and are qualified below Level 2.


What are the benefits to the learner?

Traineeships are free to join and give those who enrol a wealth of benefits, such as...

an excellent insight into the world of work, along with crucial work experience that will help to make you a more attractive prospect to employers.

BP Greenlinks to local employers, who are regularly looking to recruit both full-time and part-time staff in a range of different sectors.

BP Purpleindustry recognised qualifications in a range of areas that will help you to progress your career in your chosen sector by showing employers that you are a skilled and motivated worker.

help and guidance in making your CV the best that it can be, allowing you to show employers the skills, experience and qualifications that you have gained.

BP Green

a job interview with the company you complete your Traineeship with, or a reference and an exit interview.


What are the benefits to the employer?

Develop recruit growTaking on a trainee can help you to fulfil your corporate and social responsibility by helping young people within your local community to take their first step into employment.

BP GreenTraineeships can allow you to develop a capable and sustainable workforce by bringing in young people who are committed to learning and developing their skills within your business, on a placement that can be completely tailored to your needs.

BP PurpleTrainees can seamlessly progress into an Apprenticeship following completion of their Traineeship, allowing them to further improve their skills and experience and continually contribute to your business. 


What areas do you cover?

Release Potential are currently running Traineeships in workplaces across the North East. To find one in your area, please contact a member of our employment team.


How can I enrol? 

Visit our Traineeship Vacancies page to see what positions are currently available 

or for more information, contact a member of our employment team free on 0808 178 2512 and ask about Traineeships.


Frequently asked questions

A Traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience that is focused on giving young people the skills and experience that employers are looking for.

The content of a Traineeship will be tailored to your individual needs, including:

BP Yellowwork preparation training which ensures you are ready and have the confidence to take the first step in your career, such as an Apprenticeship. 

BP GreenEnglish and maths support to help give you the literacy and numeracy skills needed for the workplace. 

BP PurpleA meaningful work experience placement which provides insight and experience of the world of work.

No, you will not get paid. You will still receive any benefit that you are currently claiming as well as valuable work experience as part of your Traineeship. However you may be eligible to claim your travelling expenses. An advisor at Release Potential will advise you on this.

BP YellowA Traineeship will put you in a better position to compete for an Apprenticeship or other job.

BP GreenThe opportunity to build your CV and get vital experience with local and national employers.

BP PurpleImproving your English and maths skills will boost your chances of getting a job, as well as improving your long term prospects and earning potential over your lifetime.

BP YellowEmployers are at the centre of Traineeships to ensure they give you the skills you need to secure a job and succeed in employment.

BP GreenAt the end of the work placement you’ll get a job interview with the company if a role becomes available or a reference and an exit interview.

Traineeships are a package combining real work with off the job training. You will not exceed 30 hours of training/work placement per week.
Most likely, but you must be living in England. You must be aged 16-23. For those aged 16-18 you must not have achieved a full Level 3 qualification or above and be unemployed. For those aged 19-23 you must not have achieved a full Level 2 qualification or above.
Throughout your Traineeship you should consult your tutor at Release Potential who will see you throughout your Traineeship. You should also have access to a mentor in your work place.
Yes, you will receive a certificate for each qualification you successfully complete.
The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) supports, funds and co-ordinates the delivery of Traineeships throughout England, and are responsible for increasing the number of apprenticeship opportunities and providing a dedicated, responsive service for both employers and learners.
Traineeships can last between six weeks and six months.
At the end of your Traineeship if a position becomes available within the company you will be given an interview by the employer for that position. However if a vacancy has not become available the employer will still give you an interview and will give you feedback on your time with the company plus a formal reference.
If for any reason you feel you have issues about your work placement you should raise your concerns with your manager.

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Anyone undertaking a Traineeship will be required to study English and maths, unless they have achieved a GCSE A* - C in those subjects or a functional skills qualification at Level 2.

†  A full Level 2 qualification is equivalent to 5 GCSEs at Grades A* - C and full Level 3 qualification is equivalent to 2 or more 'A' level passes.

Information provided by the National Apprenticeships Service.