Our first Ofsted inspection in November 2013 led us to an overall Grade 2 standard which described us as a ‘good’ training provider. There was a lot of positive feedback from this process which allowed us to continue our good work whilst also encouraging innovation and new ideas. Some of the stand out comments from the report were;

Productive use is made of trainers’ and assessors’ expertise and knowledge to extend learners’ knowledge and skills through mostly good teaching and learning.

Leadership and management are good. The directors have a clearly defined strategy and ambitious vision for supporting all learners and developing the organisation and its training programmes.

In 2015 we received our second Ofsted inspection, one lead inspector and four additional inspectors carried out the inspection with short notice over a period of four days. We had set a benchmark for ourselves in 2013 that we needed to match if not improve upon working towards becoming an outstanding provider. After this visit we received another overall Grade 2 rating with some very positive feedback which encourages us to carry on our good work and work towards that outstanding grade.

The large majority of apprentices secure or maintain permanent employment at the end of their programme.

During visits, assessors check the learning of apprentices well to ensure that they understand all aspects of their programmes and this supports the good overall outcomes for these learners.

Assessors and tutors have good vocational skills and use these effectively to assess and develop the skills of learners and apprentices. Many assessors and tutors bring relevant industrial experience to their roles to further enhance the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

Apprentices receive clear information, advice and guidance from their tutors that help them choose appropriate optional elements of their programmes and plan their next steps in employment and learning.