Dan Oram – Walsall 92

Dan became unemployed after he took redundancy from a role four months prior to starting the Returneeship. Dan heard about the course through a jobs fair he attended in Walsall, where he came across the Release Potential stand, once the course was explained he decided to say yes! I decided to say yes as the course sounded interesting, I knew that my employment skills were out of date. I had been in my previous jobs for thirteen years and this would be a chance to brush up on my skills. “I have always had problems with my confidence and have talked my way out of other opportunities in the past, but, this time, I decided to say yes, and I signed up for the course and I’m really glad I did”.

On the first two days, as opposed to others on the course, I had encountered editing and cameras before. I managed to put my skills to use, helping to write the script and appearing in interviews and on the sofa, once I had allowed other people on the course to have a chance to volunteer.
During the classroom aspect I offered help to others on my table who were struggling. “It felt really good to be able to offer support and I enjoyed this as much as the actual training”. I needed help with my CV and I did not know what a cover letter was. “The consistent encouragement and support of the staff meant that everyone’s confidence was raised”.
My biggest problem has always been my confidence, I am prone to suffer from Anxiety and Depression. I believe the last job I left was the ‘wrong’ job and my mood was so low and I did not know what to do next. “Personally, this training has changed my life”, as part of my ‘further opportunity’ I was invited to help on the Hull Returneeship, I said yes, I had a blast and it was an amazing feeling to be able to help others succeed in the course. Shortly after that, I was invited for an interview and I am now working for the company.

“I have come a long way in a very short space of time”, from being unemployed in October 2019 to being part of a great team and contributing to what I believe is a great course. For now, I just want to come to terms with that revolution and enjoy what 2020 brings me. Further than that? I’ll wait and see if there are more opportunities I can say ‘yes’ to.

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Gabby Cook