Our Startship Programme is structured into 5 key parts, that will hopefully lead you progressing in a sector you wish to work in.

1. Initiation Phase

Our friendly team work with Job Centre’s to ensure you are course ready. Prior to the course start, we offer IAG to understand any needs you may have. This allows us to tailor our approach to each learner.

2. Onboarding Project

The first two days of our course the learners take part in a secret project which is designed to break barriers and push people out their comfort zone.

3. On Program Group Work

Throughout the course, there are various group work tasks that have been designed to engage and challenge the group during the programme. This encourages decision making and teamwork, which are valuable skills to an employer.

4. Completion of the Qualifications

IT Skills, Customer Service and Marketing are qualifications that will be achieved on the Startship programme. The plan has been created so that these qualifications run together throughout the course, making no two days the same!

5. Support with your chosen Progression Route

Finally, once the course is finished we are not done yet. We hold regular Market Place events for local employers to engage with our learners. Also, we offer over the phone support.