What a fantastic final day at the South Durham Returneeship course, the learners delievered a fantastic Show and a professionaly executed presentation. They had some fantastic words to say, using an acrostic of DURHAM CITY to explain their time and thoughts with Release Potential. Here are their words…

D is for Durham, our beautiful historic city. D is also for determination that it took for us to complete this course. D is for design which I was happy to help out with during our leaflet activity. D is also for diversity, embracing the differences between us all.

U is for Unbelievable. Unbelievably friendly and helpful staff. They are kind friendly and mainly they can have a laugh while getting all our work done on time. U is for understanding, when we all started we were a bit unsure but now we are like one big family, and all of us have found our confidence to do things we have never done.

R is for Release Potential and Respect. This course we have all respected each others individuality. We have all respected our own different learning abilities, but have all worked together in completing our three qualifications.

H is for Hopeful and Happiness. We have done the Returneeship course and realised if we remain hopeful and happy this shows in our standards of work but also our future plans.

A is for Amazing, what an amazing experience this has been for so many different reasons. This is because Lucy and her team have supported me every step of the way and my team have all been great.

M is for motivation. Now we have all completed this course, we have all realised we do have motivation and why. We had motviation when we signed up for this course, we had motivation to complete the written work. But most importantly we must remain motivated after this journey when looking for work. I was motivated and can share some good news… I attended a job interview and have been offered a full time job as a kitchen porter.

C is for confidence building. We have all worked together to help each other, doing this has built up our self-confidence both as a team and an individual, the staff have been supportive too which helps. Challenging, we have all been challenged throughout this course but with the support of the staff and each other we have accomplished our goals. City, we have all been out in our city exploring, filming, doing photography and interviewing which brought us all together at the beginning.

I is for individuality in Icebreaker what a great ice breaker and team bonding experience the making of The Durham Show was. I never knew when I walked into the room nearly two weeks ago I was surrounded by potential camera ladies and men, presenters, photographers and editors. I’m sure, speaking on behalf of most of us, we have realised our own skills and qualities that we have when we are put in a situation like The Durham Show. We have covered equality and diversity within all 3 qualifications, and we all appreciate and encourage individuality and each other’s input and differences of opinion. We have all taken something from the course will that be friendships, confidence, qualifications or memories.

T is for teamwork and targets, we have all become one big team from the first day we have walked in and known no one. Targets is something we have learnt in employability course we all set goals and targets to plan our future

Y is for yes, yes is for fairness, yes is for teamwork and yes is for a positive attitude.


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