Who are we?

At Release Potential, we offer a wide range of solutions to help maximise performance. Our courses deliver more than just curriculum, inspiring learners to reach their full potential.

Shared success

We pride ourselves in bringing our knowledge and experience together to make every success a shared success, allowing you to release your potential every time. We use our extensive experience to meet all your requirements and adapt our learning solutions to meet your needs and address your concerns. At Release Potential, our innovative staff are constantly developing original educational solutions to provide you with exceptional service. We pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations so the training you receive from Release Potential will enhance your performance and increase your future success.

2 Graded

Release Potential is a training organisation that is partly funded by the Department for Education and we are Ofsted 2 graded. We are responsive and flexible which allows us to work with our partners in different ways.

Our courses cater for those seeking employment. We offer Starships, which are a new type of course designed specifically to help younger people who have little or no previous work experience get into work. Our other pre-employment project is the Returneeship. This aims to help more mature clientele boost their employability skills and prepare for a return to work.

We provide training across England, using a range of accessible premises in order to bring the learning opportunities closer to you the learner.


Our first Ofsted inspection in November 2013 led us to an overall Grade 2 standard which described us as a ‘good’ training provider. There was a lot of positive feedback from this process which allowed us to continue our good work whilst also encouraging innovation and new ideas. Some of the stand out comments from the report were;

“Tutors know their learners well and develop good working relationships with them quickly. As a result, learners have positive attitudes to learning and their self confidence increases.

Learners are supported well to develop the high level of attendance required to be successful in employment.”

In 2015 we received our second Ofsted inspection, one lead inspector and four additional inspectors carried out the inspection with short notice over a period of four days. We had set a benchmark for ourselves in 2013 that we needed to match if not improve upon working towards becoming an outstanding provider. After this visit we received another overall Grade 2 rating with some very positive feedback which encourages us to carry on our good work and work towards that outstanding grade.

“Productive use is made of trainers’ and assessors’ expertise and knowledge to extend learners’ knowledge and skills through mostly good teaching and learning.

Leadership and management are good. The directors have a clearly defined strategy and ambitious vision for supporting all learners and developing the organisation and its training programmes.”

Release Potential had our third Ofsted inspection in February 2022, over the course of a four day period, with one lead and three additional inspectors carrying out the inspection. This was also the first time that our Returneeship and Hybrid Learning have been examined. Release Potential received an overall Good grade, which contained our first ‘Outstanding’ grade for Personal Development. Along with this grade, we received some really positive feedback which we will use to help us work towards our target of being an Outstanding Provider.

“They are passionate about transforming the lives of unemployed adults and do so successfully. As a result, high numbers of learners progress to employment.

Learners benefit from learning in an environment that is positive, inclusive and respectful.”


Release Potential Ltd have held the matrix Standard Accreditation for the 12 years, and in December 2021 had our 4th re-assessment inspection. The external assessment looks at how effective you are in providing support, advice and guidance to our partners, customers, learners and staff, so really a whole organisation review. We’re all really proud of our final report, and hope you’ll enjoy reading it too!

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Release Potential have engaged in, and sponsored, numerous charitable events and community projects over the years. Below is a snapshot of the work Release Potential have taken part in over the last few years. We would like to thank everyone that has taken part and contributed either donating their time or money, sometimes both! Your generosity does not go unnoticed and we look forward to providing more opportunities in the future.

Our Sponsorships

Camp International – Coopers Kenya Trip – December 2019

Release Potential donated towards Cooper going to Kenya with Camp International to help in a Kenyan Community, meeting the locals and learning about their way of life. Cooper had an amazing time and has shared some words and photographs of his experience. Great work Cooper!

“My 2019 expedition to Kenya was the best experience I’ve had in my life. The four weeks were so rewarding in so many ways: Getting to see the beautiful country, being able to help the local people and learn about their culture, before completing a PADI open water diving course. My favourite moment had to be seeing the completed classroom that we had spent one week renovating.

From axing up the floor, to mixing cement, to sanding desks, and repainting the classroom. It was physically draining but after meeting with the local children and teachers I knew every minute of work was so appreciated and would help them so much. I really appreciate the support from Release Potential and thank them for helping me to take part in such an unforgettable trip. The 4 weeks were truly life changing. Thank You.”

Alzheimer’s Society – June 2019

The Returneeship learners from the Stoke and Derby courses took part in Cupcake Day to help raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society in June. One learner from Derby was named star baker as she baked majority of the amazing cupcakes for the day. The learners bought cupcakes during their breaks throughout the day and raised a fantastic £70 to help the fight against dementia. Well done everyone!

Chosen Charity

At our Returneeship Shows we like to invite special people who have a story to tell! This is when we came up with the idea of inviting charities from the local area to tell us what work they do in the community. For being our special guests on the sofa we like to donate a little something to help their journey. This video below shows the chosen charities over the previous months and a little bit of information about them.