Wrap Around Support
Support Sessions
A range of additional support sessions centered around you as a learner.
Day in the Life Of
A chance to meet and gain insight from Senior Managers of various Civil Service departments.
Master Classes
Twice weekly sessions that focus on specific parts of application processes.
Employer Events
Offer learners the opportunity to hear directly from recruiting teams, such as HMRC, DEFRA, Home Office, DVLA, DWP, NHS Trust and Build a Career.
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Supporting individuals before and after courses

Following your inital learning, you will move on to our Wrap Around Support programme.

This support is designed to further assist your job search and refresh the skills you developed in your course with us in order to make sure you are always ready for every stage of job application you apply for!

There are five key parts to the Wrap Around Support programme. Find out more below.


Continuing on from your initial learning with Release Potential is our Master Classes, with sessions that focus on specific parts of the application process, allowing you to select classes you believe you need the most support on.

However, we highly recommend that all sessions are joined to ensure you are continuously learning and topping up your knowledge! 

See below for just a sample of what is availble, and sign up now to book your spot!

Extended Learning Support Sessions

Additional support offered each day, five days per week. A range of topics are covered with a learner centered approach.

These sessions take place every day 1pm – 2pm

With many types of support being offered, see below for just a few that are available!

Civil Service Practice tests
CV tailoring
Time Management
Health and Safety in the Workplace
Tailored Job Searching and Career Advancement
GDPR Essentials
Interview Preparation
Cover Letters and Personal Statements
Behaviour statements
Operation Delivery (Civil Service)
Confidence building and skills recognition
And many more!

Day In the Life Of...

Our DILO events will offer an insight into the working world of the Civil Service, speaking to Senior Managers who have had a career within the Civil Service.

There will be an opportunity to have a Q&A at the end of the session.

Employer Events

Through our contacts we are able to notify customers of any employer engagement events that are held that may be of interest to any of our learners.

This may be a virtual event set up by a Civil Service department to highlight the different job roles within their department, it may be a session delivered around preparing for an interview. All these employer events are designed to support you in gaining employment.

Some of the employers and recruiting teams that we have worked with include HMRC, DEFRA, Home Office, DVLA, DWP, NHS Trust and Build a Career.

Job Vacancy Events

During your initial course with us, you will be added into a Zoom channel where you will receive regular updates of Civil Service vacancies.

When there are vacancies with high volume of positions that we know many learners will be interested in, we offer half day recruitment refresher sessions.

You will be notified by Release Potential of the date, time and the links for these sessions.

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