So what is a Startship?

Startships are aimed at anyone 19-29, who is currently unemployed and in need of a helping hand to “Start” their career.

During the course there will be opportunities to hear first-hand what opportunities employers have available and what they are looking for in the ideal candidate.

Let's hear from some of

our Startshippers

The results of the partnership between Jobcentre Plus and Release Potential made that our customers who have been successfully employed as an apprentice are no longer claiming benefits. Instead they are receiving training whilst in employment that will hopefully launch the start of a longer lasting and rewarding career

Aayush Wiley

Jobcentre Plus

Being able to develop my skills, learn new things and have ongoing support from tutors that have been really supportive throughout the duration of the course. Since being out of work for over 12 months due to the pandemic I feel like this course has helped pick me back up again and feel more confident.

Charlotte Jones

Wolverhampton Startship Phase 4

Startships come in 5 main parts


Initiation Phase

Our friendly team work with Job Centre’s to ensure you are course ready. Prior to the course start, we offer IAG to understand any needs you may have. This allows us to tailor our approach to each learner.


Onboarding Project

The first two days of our course the learners take part in a secret project which is designed to break barriers and push people out their comfort zone.


On Program Group Work

Throughout the course, there are various group work tasks that have been designed to engage and challenge the group during the programme. This encourages decision making and teamwork, which are valuable skills to an employer.


Course Presentation

At the end of your course you will host a presentation to showcase the skills gained throughout the programme. It will also give the group a chance to present their secret project completed in the first two days, with special guests and VIPs in attendance!


Aftercare Programme

We have a designated Aftercare Programme which is designed to give you 1-2-1 support on any topics/situations you need to work on to move closer to the job market. We also have dedicated Job Posting channels where we regularly post updates on new job listings.