The Winning Willows – Walsall West

The first time the Returneeship programme visited Walsall, we were treated to some fantastic poetry by learner Dan. Recently, we went back to Walsall and delivered a course in Willenhall. Once again we were treated to some wonderful poetry, this time by Natasha S. Read what she (with some help from her team mates) wrote for us this time!

We started our journey as a room of strangers

We all thought “I can’t deal with these dangers”

For ‘No Direction’ is full of laughter

Although some names, I can’t remember

In ‘Caribbean Island’ they have a blast

I hope this fun does last

And now on to the ‘Go Slows’

who would always have biscuits for our tea

The People’s Front of Judea is just too cool

Let’s just hope they don’t break all the rules

As Dáire, Dan and James would say

It’s time to start another day

With all our quirks they would help

Don’t matter how much we’d call and shout

Matt joined them as a volunteer.

When they give him a job, we’ll jump and cheer

As this course comes to an end

Let’s hope our family never ends

So we thank you all for your time

Now you’ve made us gleam and shine