Keith worked in the motor industry for over 6 years before becoming unemployed due to redundancy, His job coach shared information about the Returneeship course and enrolled him onto the Huddersfield course that was due to start in March 2020. At first Keith was honestly unsure about attending the course, however he did not want people to think he was not trying. Due to the coronavirus this course had to be postponed the week before it was due to start. When Release Potential got in touch with Keith to advise they were going to be running a virtual online course using online video teaching and online video conferencing he was happy and willing to give it a go.

Keith was nervous and apprehensive about starting the course because he was not sure what it was going to be like however Keith said, ‘the course was really fun. It built up my confidence and taught me to always believe in myself.’ After struggling with Anxiety and depression the course ‘It was a breath of fresh air.’ I found that every day on the course got easier and better. I enjoyed the group work with everyone in the class. Towards the end of it, if you closed your eyes it was like you were in the classroom all together, the banter was really good fun, everyone got involved.

Keith said I was happy to be given the opportunity to re-connect with people, building back up my confidence, gain new qualifications and make new friendships. The tutors where all fantastic. Everyone was so friendly on the course. I really would recommend this course to other people, if they want some self-belief it is something you should really do. Do not hesitate! Following this course Keith has gained employment in May 2020 working as a sales assistant at Howarth Timber in Brighthouse. Keith said, “the confidence that the courses gave me was as a significant part of my success!” – Absolute fantastic news!

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