Marek – Dudley 81

Marek became unemployed in June 2018 after working for an organisation and conducting internal audits. A management change came which resulted in Marek becoming unemployed through redundancy. Prior to becoming unemployed Marek had various roles from an internal auditor, roles in accountancy, to a planned maintenance scheduler which he thoroughly enjoyed.

I head about the course via my work coach at the Dudley job centre and decided to sign up. I was initially unsure when i saw all of the camera equipment and I was wondering what i was going to be getting involved in, with an accounting background I wondered what the return on this experience would be for us. I took on a role as a camera operator, which I enjoyed and found interesting. I had completed some photography in the past so had an awareness of framing!

This course has provided me with a friend for life after bonding over a common hobby of cycling we have been friends ever since Returneeship. I gained an inside into how TV productions are made and I gained a lot through helping other learners that were resistant to begin with. Marek is delighted to have secured employment in October 2019.

Posted by
Gabby Cook