Jordan Oxley – Wolverhampton Startship 2021

Jordan is now in employment following our Wolverhampton Startship programme, the course was great for building his confidence. This was a massive factor in getting Jordan back into employment as it gave him the necessary tools to be able to gain employment. Jordan is now working with the Wolverhampton Council in a Business Support role and has went from strength to strength looking to secure a pernament role in the future. We would like to wish Jordan every success in the future, read his full story below!

What were you doing before you started the programme?
“I had spent a year at Moreton Sixth Form but wasn’t enjoying it, so decided to try and get a job. I went on to have three jobs over the next two years, the first in security, followed by a role as a case manager at the DWP and then a job as a loft insulation fitter. I was made redundant from this role, then actively looking for work before the Startship course.”

How did you find out about the training?
“I found out about the Startship from my Work Coach, Henna at Chapel Court Job Centre in Wolverhampton. The course was due to start a couple of days later and I made my mind up quickly I wanted to enrol with Release Potential.”

Why did you decide to join?
“I’d been disappointed not to be able to start a role with Smiths Toys just before the course was due to start. I wanted to keep pushing forward, do something useful with my time and not just be at home. I thought the course was a good opportunity to upskill myself. The prospect of meeting employers at the Market Place event was also attractive.”

What did you think of the training? How did it help you?
“I really enjoyed the team activity at the start. I didn’t know anyone else on the course and as I don’t always socialise well it helped me. I used some of my previous experience of talking to customers to help create the pitch for the team task. The course was informative. In particular, it helped my understanding of using spreadsheets which I’d struggled with previously.”

Were there any barriers or obstacles you had to overcome?
“The course helped develop my confidence more, through meeting and working with new people. I needed some help getting to the delivery venue so the Job Centre issued me with a weekly day saver for the duration of the course, which enabled me to attend.”

What are you doing now?
“I’m employed in a Kickstart role as a Business Support Administrator with Wolverhampton Council in the Adult Services Department. I work in an administrative capacity as a PA to three managers in the Service Day Care Centre. My job includes keeping the staff training matrixes up-to-date, handling calls to the Centre, inventory management and stock taking.”

What impact has the training had on your life?
“It’s helped to make me more confident and given me reassurance of what I’m capable of. I made some friends and met people on the course I still talk to now. I found out about the role at a jobs fair at Molineux House, which I found out about it while I was on the course! I was lucky as I was actually offered two Kickstart administrative posts with the Council, one with the Art Gallery and this one with Adult Services.”

What are your plans for the future?
“At the moment, I’m about one-and-a-half months into my six-month Kickstart role and I’m enjoying it a lot! If possible, I would like to stay with the Council. I’ve been asking if I can find out about internal vacancies that might be coming up, so I know what to apply for. I’ve also been offered access to some internal training as it becomes available, which will be helpful.”

What would you say to someone who was thinking about doing the training but wasn’t sure?
“If you go on the course, you will get something out of it. For me, it helped develop my confidence, refresh my skills and help me to feel better in myself.”

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