Joe Willis – Fitness Hybrid Learning

After deciding to take up Personal Training, Joe wanted to get industry-recognised qualifications in the sector. After a quick chat with his work coach, they recommended he spoke to Release Potential about the fitness qualifications that we offered. Following a chat with one of our employment coordinators, he decided to take the plunge and enrol on the programme. Now, he is employed with an ever-growing client base. We caught up with Joe for a chat, to summarise his time before, during and after Release Potential! Read it all below!

What were you doing before you started the programme?
“I’d studied sport for two years at Dudley College, worked as a lifeguard for two years at Crystal Leisure Centre, and have done martial arts for about eight years. I’ve also some experience working in retail with jobs at both Debenhams and Morrisons. Before joining the personal training course I’d been unemployed for about eight months. It was really hard trying to find a job during the pandemic.”

How did you find out about the training?
“My Work Coach, Alison from Stourbridge Job Centre told me about the sports qualifications available with Release Potential and I was interested. I had further discussions with staff who explained what was entailed and what would be required of me.”

Why did you decide to join?
“I’m from a sporting family, we’ve always been interested in sport and that rubbed off on me from a young age. I’d played football from the age of thirteen with West Bromwich Albion Academy. For about six years I’ve been a qualified Football Association referee and children’s football coach. I’d done gym instruction, coaching, mentoring and the opportunity to take a personal training course was right for me.”

What did you think of the training? How did it help you?
“The staff team at Release Potential were all absolutely brilliant from the get-go. I knew what I had to do and felt confident and happy. I really enjoyed the course; I was in my element! The course encouraged me to believe in myself. I’d doubted myself as I hadn’t been getting the jobs I wanted but my confidence grew. The course reminded me what I could do.”

Were there any barriers or obstacles you had to overcome?
“I was helping to care for my Grandad at the time who has dementia as well and doing my coursework.”

What are you doing now?
“I’ve been in post for 3 months now as a Personal Trainer at David Lloyd Leisure Ltd and I’m really enjoying it. I’m a Battlebox instructor, personal trainer, Delta personal trainer and fitness instructor. So far, I’ve managed to build a base of 24 clients which is continuing to grow.”

What impact has the training had on your life?
“It’s changed my life completely in lots of ways! I have a diet plan, a better training regime, watch my weight more, and have developed strength. I’m even helping my family with their diet plans and working out the right combinations of food and nutrition for them too!
I was actually offered three different roles after completing the course, one with JD Gyms in Brierley Hill, another with Snap Fitness in Stourbridge, but it was the position With David Lloyd Leisure I wanted and accepted!”

What are your plans for the future?
“I’m sticking with Personal Training at the moment, as I don’t know which direction I want to go yet. I’m still young and the important thing for me is that I have a few options open.”

What would you say to someone who was thinking about doing the training but wasn’t sure?
“I would say to go for it, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and you gain so much from it.”

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