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National Centre for Diversity

March Newsletter 

In this month’s newsletter we are taking a look at race equality in the workplace.

✨ Happy Ramadan ✨

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims worldwide. It is a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, charity and community service and engagement. 

In 2020 45% of hate crimes in England aSome emplSome employees will be abstaining from food, liquids and smoking from dawn to sunset, throughout the month of Ramadanoyees will be abstaining from food, liquids and smoking from dawn to sunset, throughout the month of Ramadan. nd Wales were directed toward Muslims.

Don’t assume that all employees want to be treated differently while they are fasting but be open to having a discussion about flexible working and possible accommodations. 

Including Muslims

Improve your working relationship and develop mutual inclusion by better understanding your colleagues relationship to Islam. This e-learning course acts as an introduction to the muslim faith and explores the overarching principals and inherent diversity of Islam.

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A Journey to Inclusion

“At Kier Highways we are always striving to demonstrate our commitment to the values of FREDIE and inspire others in the industry to do the same. We also recognise how important senior leadership is in embedding these values throughout our business. Keeping up the momentum from our continued accreditation as Leaders in Diversity, we were keen to take the next step in our journey, and so became the second company to undergo the year-long leadership development programme to achieve Masters in Diversity (MiD).”

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A huge congratulations to the following organisations on the hard work of their staff and senior leadership
Congratulations to Callywith College and Carlton Junior and Infant School for achieving Investors in Diversity for Schools, West Midlands Combined Authority and Halesowen College for retaining Leaders in Diversity, Tilbury Douglas and Glamorgan Cricket for achieving Investors in Diversity!

“Achieving the Investors in Diversity Standard demonstrates our commitment to working towards creating truly inclusive workplaces, which allow us all to feel comfortable sharing our ideas and perspectives, because our differences are respected and valued.

“We recognise that diversity and inclusion for all is a journey, and we look forward to making further strides forwards as we continue on this path.”

– Craig Tatton, Chief Operating Officer and Better Together Sponsor at Tilbury Douglas

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