Scarlett Pritchard – Civil Service learner

Having worked in social media marketing for some time, Scarlett was wanting to try something new. After talking to her Work Coach, Scarlett was informed of the Civil Service and just some of the many opportunities that lie in wait. Wanting to find out more, and to gain assistance in entering the industry, Scarlett decided to join the course! Now working in a Registry Office, Scarlett has many progression opportunities ahead of her and we wish her all the best!

What were you doing before you started the programme?
I had just finished a job in social media marketing and was looking to get into something new. Before that I had taken a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages at the University of Birmingham, completing the first two years. I was unemployed for about two months before joining the course.

How did you find out about the training?
I found out about the course from my Work Coach at West Bromwich job centre. I explained that I was interested in different types of office work and general administration. My Work Coach made me think about opportunities the Civil Service has to offer.

Why did you decide to join?
I was interested in gaining perspective, knowledge and understanding about what types of jobs were actually out there – I just didn’t know. The Civil Service was new to me, and my Work Coach helped me to see the range of opportunities available.

What did you think of the training? How did it help you?
I enjoyed the training, and in particular the group work even though the course was delivered remotely. I find it easier to learn in groups. I also liked the detail that was given to the processes involved in applying for Civil Service jobs. This part of the course gave me confidence in making applications and developing my awareness of what to do and how to respond in interview situations. The interview I had for the job I went to achieve was about a month after the course had finished, so the knowledge I had gained was still fresh, and that really helped.

Were there any barriers or obstacles you had to overcome?
I would say my only barrier was a lack of confidence.

What are you doing now?
I’m employed as a Customer Service apprentice at a Register Office. I saw the vacancy on the apprenticeship website. My role involves reception duties, dealing with customers face to face, and assisting with birth, death and marriage registrations. I even help with the weddings that take place at the Register Office. It’s great and I’m really enjoying it! My apprenticeship learning is remote and supplemented by in-person visits from my mentor.

What impact has the training had on your life?
The course made me more prepared and helped me along the way in terms of obtaining my new job as a Customer Services Apprentice. It also helped to open my eyes to what opportunities are out there.

What are your plans for the future?
The duration of my apprenticeship is one and a half years, and I’m concentrating on this for now. I’m happy where I am. Longer term, I’d like to continue working within the public sector, it’s amazing to see how many opportunities there are. There is a website called ‘WM Jobs’ which lists all the public sector-based opportunities locally and gives details about what is available.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about doing the training but wasn’t sure?
My advice would be to absolutely go for it. You’re only going to gain from the course. I learned new things that set me up well for the job I went on to achieve.

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